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How to Convert PDF to PRC

PRC files are eBooks, designed to be read using an eBook reader such as the Sony eBook, Kindle, iPhone or BlackBerry. PRC files can be converted to PDFs for reading on the computer (Mac or PC). Conversion programs are available on the Internet; popular eBook converters for the PC include the Mobipoc

What Are Hard Drives?

Not to be confused with computer memory, hard drives store important data, such as documents and programs, on your computer. They are a crucial component of your computer system; any damage to the drive can result in loss of the data you stored on it. The term "hard drive" can refer to "hard disk dr

Why Men Are Confused With Women

Women can be very confusing without them knowing it. They can send mixed signals to men not because they are intentionally doing it but because of their very nature. I am not saying that women were created "confused". Rather, they are most of the time clueless as to how they affect men.