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Good Quality Camping Cots

There is no doubt about it, camping is a great way to take a vacation, but sleeping on the rocks, weeds and sticks can get a bit old. The camping industry sells many varieties of camping cots, which can make any camping trip that much more enjoyable. Let's look at some name brands and what feat

How to Make a Damper in a Camp Oven

Damper is a kind of unleavened bread, originally made from only water and flour. Damper bread is found in many cultures, although with different names. While damper bread is not an Australian invention, it has come to be synonymous with Australian bush food, and calling this type of bread 'damper' i

Nemo Pentalite Tent Review

The Nemo Pentalite was named this year in backpackers magazine as the Backpackers magazines most versatile tent. Backpackers magazine is probably the most prestigious and most well respected magazine when it comes to these matters so this is a very prestigious honor for the folks over at Nemo tents.