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The Top 5 Pitchers in Baseball

It has been more than two months since the World Series finished up and, of course, that means there is nothing going on with that sport right now since the next season will not start for a couple of months. With that in mind, there are lots of articles that I have written all about this game. Right

Can't Stop Slicing

Are you one of the 90% of golfers who can't stop slicing? If so this article will help you in your efforts to stop slicing. Having been a slicer myself I know the frustration one faces in trying to get rid of it. The more you try the worse it gets and in many cases people simply give up the gam

Finding the Correct Boat Prop

Finding the correct boat prop for the engine of the boat and for the purpose for which the boat is used will enhance the performance of the boat. The boat is susceptible to damage and the engine life will be reduced by using the wrong boat prop. The wrong boat prop will give rise to ventilation and