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How to Use My LG enV Touch Charger

The LG enV Touch includes a rechargeable battery and AC adapter to keep the battery charged. The enV Touch is a touchscreen version of the previous LG enV model. Watch the battery icon in the corner of the phone's screen and charge it regularly. Understanding how to connect the charger will protect

Bluetooth Instructions for a RAZR

The Motorola RAZR V3 is a popular, feature-rich phone designed to operate with many different networks. One handy function you'll use often on your RAZR is Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows your RAZR to communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth enabled devices. You can transfer files, connect to a heads

How to Trace Any Cell Phone Number

Landline directory assistance is great for finding residential or business numbers and addresses, but cell phones aren't included with this service.Instead, privately-owned companies have compiled millions of cell phone numbers into a central database, and will provide you access to the informa