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US Army in Catch 22 on Gays Issue

Many of those who wish to fight for our country come from families with strong ideals of freedom. Most of them are strong Christians in fact. There in lies the real problem with the US Army recruiting. To be allowed to come on campus to recruit at many colleges they are asked to be careful around th

Economic Issues in the 1930s

The Great Depression began in October 1929 in the United States, with the stock market crash being only one aspect of the problems that were to come in the 1930s. The worldwide depression ended for most countries in 1931, according to economist Gene Smiley, while the depression lasted for several ad

About Race & Gender Discrimination

Race and gender discrimination is a part of our world whether anyone wants it to be or not. There are laws put into place to prevent people from being discriminated against, but it's also important to understand what it actually means to be prejudiced towards someone. While there can be a lot of dis