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Pond Care of Aquatic Plants

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Caring for your pond and the aquatic plants in it takes some planning and good choices but little maintenance. Aquatic plants can act as bio-filters for your pond, eating nitrates and algae and keeping your pond clean. They also attract animals to your pond, such as butterflies and frogs. With a

How to Choose Pool Heaters

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The three categories of pool heaters are gas, electric, and solar. Pools are comfortable with the water at a temperature of about 78 degrees, but some people believe 80 degrees to be the most comfortable water temperature for a pool. The sun will heat an outdoor pool, but without a pool heater, the

How to Repair a Water Faucet

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Repairing a water faucet yourself can save a lot in plumber's bills. The major types of faucets include compression, ceramic disk, cartridge and ball. The most common type are compression faucets, also called washer-type faucets. This type of faucet is most likely to be of the two-handled variety co