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Ginkgophyta Life Cycles

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Ginkgo biloba, better known simply as ginkgo trees, are the single remaining species of the Ginkgo family of plants. Ginkgophyta and Cycadophyta were dominant plant families from the early Jurassic era to the Pliocene. These gymnosperms were eventually edged out by angiosperms. The life cycle of

About Decorative Letters

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Words are powerful tools that are made even more so when they are created out of decorative letters. Decorative lettering can be found as far back as ancient Rome, and come in styles ranging from cartoon to calligraphy. They serve a number of purposes beyond just looking good; read on to find out mo

Rocks of Maine

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Mud compressed on the ocean floor 400 millions years ago has been transformed into the many rocks found in the state of Maine. These include granite, limestone quartz and marble. The state is an example of different rocks created by varied scientific processes. Some rocks are sedimentary. Others are