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Going Green in School - Five Easy, Environmentally Friendly Projects to Implement At Your School

Living a greener lifestyle has struck a cord with many schools who are busily implementing their going green ideas at their local school. Teachers, parents and kids are learning how to go green in different areas at school. If you have ever been stuck for some going green in school ideas, here are f

A Green Loans Household Sustainability Report Can Save You Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The Australian Governments Green Loans Program is providing free home sustainability assessments and interest-free Green Loans for recommended improvements. The assessments (valued at over $250) recommend tailored energy and water savings options. These may range from simple actions like switching t

Water Conservation in 2010

Water is all around us. We use water everyday for many different reasons. Our bodies main ingredient is water, making up over 70% of all the molecules in our bodies. Taking this into consideration, water conservation is a big part of efforts to have a more green planet. In 2010 many organizations ha