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The Psychology of Art

Visual Arts
On the need to differentiate between the structural and functional aspects of the psychology of art... The psychology of art is a complex topic and this description serves only as an introduction to a 'developing' field of study. Psychology forms the basis of many aspects of life and art o

Blue Nude by Picasso

Visual Arts
Blue Nude is a charming figurative painting by Pablo Picasso which is currently one of his most popular as a reproduction for his many art fans that exist around the world. Picasso's work is truly contemporary and imaginative, meaning new fans flock to see some of his original works in person a

Mark Rothko

Visual Arts
Mark Rothko's paintings suggest that the artist is plunging into the world of human emotions, isolated from logic and mind. These are paintings that don't wait to be noticed, they demand your attention and exert a magnetic force even after you have turned away from them.