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Where to Buy Concert Tickets?

There are several ways to get tickets to see your favorite artist or band in concert when they visit your area or even in a city across the country. Some ways include the old fashion way of standing in line at the box office, but some of the best ways are on the internet.

5 Tips to Play Better Lead Guitar

Every guitarist dreams of being up on stage, under the lights, the crowd going wild, while they play the sweetest guitar licks that have ever been heard. In fact I have never met an aspiring guitarist who said that all they really want to do is stand behind the lead guitarist and play a few chords.

Country Guitar Lessons

To play country guitar takes time and practice and at first this can seem a bit overwhelming and also it must be said rather boring, for this reason most good guitar playing programs will concentrate on getting you to play a song or tune in the fastest possible time. With a song or two under your be