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Ink Crafts

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Use ink to create.bottle of ink image by Alfonso d'Agostino from Fotolia.comInk has always been a favorite medium for graphic artists, and even when you aren't involved in a craft project, ink is part of daily life. You write with it, wear it on your skin as tattoos and read the words it...

How to Hang Comic Books

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For many collectors, displaying collectibles for others to see is often just as fun as collecting them. Luckily for comic book collectors, comic books are fairly easy to display. You can display them as traditionally or as creatively as you want. Hanging comics not only protects them from wear but m

How to Blacken Jewelry

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Jewelry with an antique patina is adorable and easy to wear. While many people don't like wearing silver and gold together, jewelry with a black patina is a bit more neutral and can go with anything. Patina is just a fancy way of saying tarnish, which is what happens when the metals are oxidized.