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Search Warrant Criteria

Criminal Law
The body of law based on the Fourth Amendment has established the requirements for a judge to issue a valid search warrant. When a search warrant is later found invalid by the court, any evidence seized pursuant to that warrant will be excluded, meaning that the evidence may not be presented against

Priests and Background Checks

Criminal Law
Many priest have been arrested and been jailed with different levels of crimes committed. From minor cases such as molestation or embezzlement up to major crimes like rape and even murder, there are actual cases in which the criminal is a priest. With this, background checks are really a must, even

The Absence of Probable Cause

Criminal Law
The "absence of probable cause" involves a very real violation of civil liberties. Probable cause appears in our Constitution, and is a necessity for legal arrest. The 'Lectric Law Library explains that probable cause is protected by the Fourth Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment applied the civ