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How to Turn on a Printer Spool

In the Windows operating system, the printer spool service is responsible for storing file data before it is sent to the printer for output. The printer spool should automatically start each time you turn on your computer, but it may turn off for various reasons. To begin printing documents again, y

How to Remove MSCONFIG Startup

The MSCONFIG utility's formal name is the Microsoft Configuration Utility. This utility's main purpose is to control the startup of services and programs on your computer. If you want to alter which programs start with your computer to disable certain services that are currently starting on your com

How to Fix a Product Key

From time to time, a software product key may not work correctly. This might be because you have entered an incorrect character, or set of characters. It might also be because the product key is actually faulty. If the former is the case, it is important to ensure that you're careful when you read a