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How to Read an 8Gb Micro SD Card

SD stands for “Secure Digital” that is a technology for a popular family of memory cards widely used in digital cameras, cell phones and MP3 players. A microSD card that has the dimensions of 11 by 15 mm is the smallest storage device in the SD memory card family. A microSD card with a l

Types of Optical Storage Devices

Digital storage media can be broken into three separate categories--magnetic, flash and optical. Optical storage has been a popular form of storage media due to its low cost, ease in manufacturing and portable size. Optical storage media is generally available on a standard size disc measuring 12 cm

How to Copy a Windows XP CD to USB

USB drives are portable and come in a variety of memory capabilities. In addition, they are easier to keep from damage than CDs or DVDs can be. This makes using a USB drive as a backup system an efficient option. You will also need additional software to ensure that Windows XP is copied correctly to