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How to Reset Jeep Wrangler Codes

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You can reset your Jeep Wrangler's trouble codes right in your driveway if you have a socket set. The engine control module (ECM, a type of computer) in the Wrangler keeps track of the engine and its sensors. Other sensors positioned throughout the vehicle keep track of other mechanical and electric

How to Make a Wooden Sub Box

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Wooden subwoofer boxes are the most popular type of subwoofer enclosure. These boxes can be made using any type of wood as long as it is 3/4 inch thick and strong. Although many types of wood are usable, medium density fiberboard is preferred and most speaker boxes that have the appearance of wood c

How to Mount Dual CB Antennas

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One of the ways that modern CB radio owners avoid a single, long, and unsightly antenna is to remove it in favor of two shorter antennae. CB radio antennae can be either dramatically add or detract from the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle. Properly mounting a set of antennae will grant better r