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Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills

Medical bankruptcy in most cases arises even if one has health insurance. It is mostly triggered by the inflexibility of many health insurance firms. This is because their repayment period is relatively shorter compared to other credit givers. This makes it hard for one to pay promptly when faced wi

Debt Snowball Method

The debt snowball method is a strategy for paying off debt more quickly than you would if you simply continued to make minimum monthly payments. Made famous by financial author and radio talk show host Dave Ramsey, the debt snowball method is purposely designed to give you a jump start on getting ri

Legal Judgements & Bankruptcy

If you don't pay your bills as promised, the creditor can sue you. If a judge rules in the creditor's favor, the result is a legal judgment that demands repayment. Legal judgments can lead to wage garnishments and all types of bankruptcy potentially cure those problems. But not all legal judgments a