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DIY Paper Mache

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Paper mache -- French for "chewed paper" -- is used in many arts and crafts projects. This art dates back to ancient Egypt and is used all over the world. The Egyptians used paper mache to create coffins and death masks. China and Japan use paper mache to create unique cases and trays. Pap

Beading Supplies & Tools

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With a few, inexpensive supplies you can create designer jewelry with ease.Bead store image by TekinT from Fotolia.comBeginning jewelry designers often find the variety of available supplies daunting. However, the basic supplies can be broken up into the functional parts of the jewelry,...

How to Identify Carbide

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Carbide, which is short for tungsten carbide, is a very hard and strong substance that's used in a variety of products ranging from power-tool bits and blades to wedding bands and men's jewelry. If you need to figure out whether or not the material you have is tungsten carbide, then there are at-hom