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Decorating Ideas Using Window Frames


    • An old window frame can be used as a floating picture frame. Place a picture or photo in the center; adding a border is optional. Borders made of scalloped old newspaper or magazine pages, ribbons or pieces of fabric add dimension and personality to the photo. Attach a wide ribbon to the back of the frame to use as a hanger. Window frames with multiple panes can hold a collection of photos. Create a framed mirror by attaching a sheet of mirrored glass to the back of a window frame.


    • An old window frame with a large single pane or multiple panes painted with chalkboard paint transforms into an attractive, writable surface. Hang it in your kitchen to announce the day’s menu, or as a spot to keep inspirational sayings. Paint the window frame to accent the room where you plan to hang it. Tape the sides of the frames with painter’s tape and apply the chalkboard paint with a foam brush for smooth results.


    • Old window frames add that little "something" to a room, whether the panes are intact or not, since each frame adds its uniqueness to your space. A larger frame with multiple panes can be set up against a wall, adding depth. Using an empty frame without glass panes as a frame for a three-dimensional object adds interest to your walls. Hang a metal star or a seasonal wreath in the center of the window frame. The window frame’s empty spaces can be used as a floating frame for an object such as a wooden letter, a group of dried flowers or a collection of souvenirs. Paint intact panes in a glaze or light pattern to bring accent colors into the art around your home.

    Personalized Art

    • Make a monogrammed window with a selection of pages from an old dictionary in the letter of your last name. Paint the window frame the color of your choice and attach the pages in layers to the back of the windowpane. On the front of the pane, stencil or free-hand your initial. Another project idea is to attach a favorite wallpaper, new or vintage, to the back of the panes to create an interesting piece of personalized art.

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