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The Email Revolution

Email, also abbreviated as E-mail, stands for electronic mail. There are numerous definitions of email, but it simply means to communicate electronically through computer networks; or communicate digitally.

To do this, the recipient must have an email address. In every address there is an @ symbol.
Emails started to gain popularity in the 90s and now are part of urban life. Almost everybody living and working in urban areas today has an email address and emails regularly.
Emails are credited to be the applications that have made the internet very popular today.
Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo are the largest email service providers.

The Revolution

People are using emails to send written messages, photos and videos. As the internet has made the world a global village, relatives and friends in far away places are able to send photos and videos to each other and share experiences from any part of the world within the internet civilization.

But the use is not limited to the social scene only as international businesses send thousands of emails on a daily basis either to clients or to other businesses.

Why The Popularity?

Record Keeping
When in need of a fast way of sending messages, emailing is a good option. Messages can be stored indefinitely in personal inboxes, and can be viewed whenever possible. They can also be used for future references.

User Friendly
It can also be used to send messages to many people about the same thing, with visual aids making it easier to comprehend. This serves international companies a great deal, as they reach a global audience and market their products faster and cheaper than electronic broadcast media for example.

Emails can also be used to send messages from anywhere, provided the computer or mobile phone is internet supported and equipped and also has email software. This well suits businesspersons or people who are always on the move and need to communicate.

As an email campaign, emails can be used in email marketing. Businesses can be in regular communication with their customers, informing them of new products, or getting their feedback on previous sales.

Emails can also be used for networking; finding out new stuff in the market and sourcing for new business opportunities and even finding lost friends and relatives.

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