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Vietnam Beaches Promising for Perfect “get-away” Vacations

With around 2,000 miles of coastline, Vietnam is luckily endowed with a number of white sand and beautiful beaches. The best ones are in the southern part of the country where the sun shines almost year round. With a long, sandy coastline, and with clusters of palm fringed islands, those beaches can boast to suit any preference and for any time of year. Also several nice beaches in the north near Hanoi, but the period most suitable for swimming is limited from May to July or August due to weather conditions. The following beaches are listed north to south, starting with one of Vietnam's most famous beaches.

China Beach
This 20 mile stretch of sand near Danang really was used by American soldiers as an "R&R" stop. The weather here is perfectly cool in the winter, but from April or May until August it can be very nice. The beach was the site of Vietnam's first international surfing competition in 1992. Conditions for surfing are best from September to December. The beach is home to one of Vietnam's most luxurious beach hotels, the Furama Resort. Danang, Marble Mountain, My Son and Hoi An can be explored by day-trips from China Beach.

Nha Trang
In south-central Vietnam, Nha Trang is the closest thing Vietnam has to an "international" beach resort destination. Nha Trang is Vietnam’s premier beach destination, home to two of Vietnam’s best beach resorts, one of which is on the mainland and one is on a small island nearby. The town itself is a lively port town with excellent seafood and some interesting Cham ruins nearby. It is also possible to dive or snorkel in this area and a boat trip around the islands lying off the coast is another delightful way to pass the time. The accommodation in there can meet any demand from standard hostels to the most luxurious resorts in Vietnam. Nha Trang can be easily reached by air from Saigon, Hanoi and other cities.

Hoi An
Hoi An town is also known for its fine white sand beach, around three kilometers from the main town. This is a great option for those who wish to combine interesting touring with time spent relaxing on the beach.

Phan thiet
In Southern Vietnam, Phan Thiet district is home to the peaceful fishing village of Mui Ne, whose endless stretch of white beach now offers a range of resorts. It has also long been considered the "Hawaii" of Vietnam. It boasts shady roads under coconut trees, a beautiful beach and cliffs battered by the waves of the sea. The typical scenery of Mui Ne lies in the moving lines of golden sand caused by the wind and when they are seen from afar they look like moving waves. The scenery looks more fascinating at dawn, when young Cham girls in green dresses go to work. Mui Ne is an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

Thanks to its proximity to Saigon, Mui Ne is popular with tourists and locals alike and its location means that it is the perfect way to end a Vietnam trip. Mui Ne has become popular for kite surfing and the nearby sand dunes are more reminiscent of Africa than Vietnam. Visitors also can enjoy swimming in the blue water of the sea, climbing the sand dunes or relaxing by a swimming pool. Phan Thiet can be reached by road from Hochiminh city

Vung Tau
The beach at Vung Tau isn't especially great, but its proximity to Ho Chi Minh City insures a steady patronage from locals as well as tourists. Vung Tau is about 80 miles from Ho Chi Minh City. This destination can be reached by road or hydrofoil from this busiest city of Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island is situated off the South coast of Vietnam, close to Cambodia. This small and unspoiled island is only a short flight from Saigon and remains a quiet and laid back destination, perfect for those wishing to escape the crowds. According to many, the beaches of Phu Quoc Island are the best in Vietnam. The island is still quite primitive and untouched. However some hotels and resorts are operated and well respond to the wide range of tourist’s demand rising. The island can be reached by air or by ferry from Rach Gia on the mainland.

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