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How to Create a Three-Page Spread in InDesign

    Three-Page Master Spread

    • 1). Click on the "Window" menu and select "Pages" to open the pages panel.

    • 2). Click on the pages panel flyout menu and select "New Master."

    • 3). Type "3" in the "Number of Pages" box and press "OK." A three-page spread will appear in the Master Pages section.

    • 4). Select all three of the new master page and drag them to the pages section of the panel. InDesign will add the new three-page spread to your document.

    Three-Page Spread Page

    • 1). Select the pages where you want to create the three-page spread.

    • 2). Click on the pages panel flyout menu and deselect "Allow selected pages to shuffle."

    • 3). Drag a master page into the spread until the cursor changes to a hand with an arrow holding a page. Release the mouse and you will see three pages on one spread.

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