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How to Use myPsychTracker

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      Log on to the myPsychTracker home page and choose a user name and password. You will receive an email for you to verify your identity.

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      Fill out the major diagnosis and year, if any, by using the drop-down menu. Check off any symptoms you may have. Choices will be listed under “General Mental Health,” “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,” and “Optional Symptoms.” Click "Next" and "Done" to complete the beginning of setting up your personal myPsychTracker.

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      Place your curoer over the gold color tabs. Start with “myhome.” Under this tab you will be able to join forums or chat with others who may share the same mental illness as you.

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      Under the “mystats” tab you can either add daily statistics or view them. You can also add your sleep statistics or view them. This is a great way to keep track of some of your daily activities to help you discover when and why your symptoms flare up.

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      View a quick or full report by sliding your cursor over the gold colored tab called “myreports.” Through this tab you will be able to view a report that is created using the information that you gave myPsychTracker regarding your journal, sleep and nap patterns. This is a nice feature. You can print this page out and bring with you for your next doctor appointment.

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      Click on the “myjournal” tab. Through this section you can add notes for your journal. This is a good idea to also print out later when you plan to visit the doctor.

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      Click on “mygroups” to join groups or create them. The benefit of joining groups through myPsychTracker is that the groups are more tailored to those who suffer from some sort of mental illness. MyPsychTracker is a nice tool for the online mentally ill community.

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