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Specializing in Retail is Specializing in Success

With the tremendous economical growth in India, retail management has emerged as one of the fastest growing careers. The enormous expansion in the sector of retail during the past few years has created a big demand for skilled professionals in this area. This industry accommodates people at the well qualified retail management professionals. This creates the retail profession as one of the most demanding and absorbing careers of this century. There is a significant raise in the population of students pursuing MBA in retail Professionals with an MBA in Retail Management can avail the opportunities in the retail department of business organizations such as insurance companies, banks, tourism, hospitality & tourism, etc. There are some other areas as well where one can find jobs, apart from retail shops. One can even choose to start one's own business and be an entrepreneur.

Job prospects in Retail Sector are:

Retail Operation Manager: It is the duty of a retail manager to plan and coordinate the operations of the outlet. This involves the layout of merchandise, monitoring and analyzing the supply etc. Candidate with an MBA Degree can start off as a retail manager.

Retail Buyers and Merchandisers: They are the individuals who purchase the goods for the retail shop. Their job is to analyze the needs of the consumer, should be updated with the trends in the market.

Visual Merchandisers: They become the brand face, so they hold one of the very important positions in the industry. Being a part of concept and design one can also become a technical designer, product developer and store planner.

The other job opportunities an individual can avail in the field of retail are:

Manager Back-end Operations

Logistics and Warehouse Managers

Retail Communication Manager

Manager Private label Brands

Store Manager

Department Manager

Get an edge in your career with Jaro Education online MBA from Bharathiar University

Bharathiar University in collaboration with Jaro Education offers Online MBA in retail management. Established in Coimbatore, the esteemed Bharathiar University is ranked as one of the best universities in India. This University has received endorsement from University Grants Commission (UGC) New Delhi to provide grants.

The advantages of availing MBA in retail management from Bharathiar University are:

Frequent opportunities of rewarding interactions with experienced faculties and peers.

The esteemed faculty comes with the expertise in the world of finance, business and economics.

Complete study material provided online by the institution.

A virtual classroom, provide individual attention on students.

This program emphasizes on analytical business practices and retail management skills.

Students are equipped with the unique thinking process.

Job fairs conducted by Bharathiar University.

Trained and skilled retail management professionals are always in demand, and this not only includes India but also abroad. There are emerging new big brands which have opened retail chains throughout the country which furnishes huge job opportunities.

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