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Contemporary Logo Designs That Establish Your Company's Identity

Trends with logos are constantly evolving, parallel to the ever-changing internet. To keep up, digital designers are transforming their ideas into contemporary and innovative master pieces. A company's logo is one of the key graphical elements of the website, because it exhibits the company identity and aspirations.

Since graphic and web designers have the ability to interface with accelerated ideas, it is common to witness the recycling of older ideas into new logo designs. This course administers a sentimental angle towards designs. Lately there has been impressive releases and amendments to logo designs.

Animals and Simple Images

Animals and small critters are the most commonly used additions to newer logo designs. Although, it's not an entirely new concept, as it has been around for years. The use of an animal provides a way for customers to distinguish and relate your company's identity to the animal.

Vector Art

What is different now with current logos, is the use of vector art, combined with exceptional imagery. Two examples of these are the chirping birds for a popular social media website, and the Chimps dressed in mailman uniforms.

Elaborate Typography

One of the most important elements of your logo design, is your choice of typography. Your website visitors tend to look for outstanding, bold text at the top of the page. The more elaborate and unique your typography is, the easier it is for people to remember your company's identity.

Viewing typeface delivers an emotion to a visitor, whether it is in on the internet or in print. By using certain fonts you can create symbolism that ties into your company's identity. The trend with professional corporations currently, is they use all lower-case letters, set on the same horizontal axis as the logo. This allows for the eyes to follow a simple path.

The most difficult task you will face is deciding which font family would best represent your company's identity. Thankfully, there are a lot of websites that offer free fonts for you to find the perfect family to showcase your company's brand.

Abstract Art

The use of abstract art is a trend in contemporary logo designs. Rounded corners, rather than square together with simple, but powerful profiles, are providing outstanding user experiences on the internet.

A contrasting design can be created with the use of matching iconic imagery. For example, an image can be used as the focal point of the logo, and the typography can contain different shades of color.

Amplifying Novelty

Walt Disney, in his designs would play off historical mythology against fairy tales. Today, designers are increasingly using the logos of older designers as a way to engage their imaginations. This trend is amplifying the effect of novelty designs.

The musical note used in iTunes' designs emerges as the most prominent logo of all their releases. An example of the modern use of the novelty musical note can be seen at a website called labtunes.

In Closing

Hopefully, you have been inspired by what has been discussed above. Logo designs are advancing, offering innovative ways for companies to establish their brand identity.

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