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'70s Bedroom Ideas

    • Decorating in 1970s style is fresh and original today.disco image by askthegeek from Fotolia.com

      The 1970s was an era characterized by bright, vibrant colors and wild patterns. While many people may associate lava lamps, Led Zeppelin posters, disco and Farrah Fawcett hair with the decade, decorating was about more than cultural iconography. It was about freedom of expression, wild textures, modern streamlined furniture and bold choices (think carpet wallpaper). Channeling the 1970s in decorating will lend retro creativity to your bedroom.


    • The colors that epitomize the 1970s are orange (bright or tangerine), brown, beige, blue, green (avocado) and yellow. These colors often were displayed in loud combinations that reflected individual taste. Pick two or three colors from this palette that appeal to you and use them for walls, molding and doors. Or go monochromatic and pick different shades of the same color for a tied-together look.


    • Textured fabric was a popular choice for bedspreads, upholstery and wall hangings. Pick up a new or used chair, low-slung or egg shaped and upholstered in carpet fabric, velvet or velour. Classic '70s egg chairs hang from the ceiling, offering an instantly recognizable iconic period design. Interesting textures add a tactile feel to a bedroom, and can make the room extra soft and cozy. Pick up one of your grandmother's needlepoint works as a wall-hanging for a truly '70s piece of art.


    • Once you have your room painted in '70s colors and filled with interesting textured fabrics, pick a pattern of bold dots, orange plaids or geometric lines for curtains, linens and accents. Paint dots on your lampshade to match your bedspread, or on your ceiling fan for an original and functional moving sculpture.

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