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Five Important Things to Remember When Making Claims for Compensation

Claims for compensation are a possible legal entitlement to those people who have suffered injuries in an accident. It is important to have a checklist following an accident so liability can be determined and benefits can be obtained. Even if you think you were to blame or no one was to blame liability needs to be established. If you have a road accident injury, have suffered a work injury or a slip trip or fall in a public place there are procedures that need to be followed to support a compensation claim.

Claims for compensation may cover losses and expenses as well as future economic losses if your injury is serious or has caused permanent physical or mental health issues.

Claims for compensation can help others as well as yourself. If you do not claim injury compensation you will lose out on a claim which will ultimately help you and your family now and in the future. Injury compensation can prevent further work injury and roads accident injuries occurring. If you don't take a stand another person may also suffer at the hands of a bad driver or a negligent employer. By taking a stand they may learn a lesson and take greater care.

In order get the compensation you deserve and are legally entitled to you must always remember the following five things:-

1. Report the accident to the right people

Reporting a road accident injury to the police is very important as everything needs to be documented. Road accidents must be reported within a strict time limit of 28 days. Failure to do so may affect your common law payouts.

If you have suffered a work injury you need to report the incident to your employer. Your employer then needs to complete an incident report.

If you have suffered a slip trip or fall in a public place you will need to report the incident to whoever is in charge. This might be the local Council if it is a foot path or a Shopping Centre General Manager if your injury happened at a shopping centre or a principal of a school if the injury happened whilst at school.

2. Get proper medical attention

It is extremely important to see a doctor immediately after a road accident injury or after suffering a work injury. You may not think your injury is that bad but you must seek a medical opinion and have your injuries assessed for permanent damage and to receive medical advice injured in a car accident what to do and how to look after yourself following a road accident injury or work injury.

3. Lodge claims for compensation

Always notify the insurance companies involved. If you have suffered a road accident injury you will need to lodge a CTP Green Slip claim for compensation. For a work injury the no win no fee lawyers Canberra i.e. work cover will need to be notified. There may be strict time limits for lodging a claim so aim to do so quickly after your accident.

4. Talk to a Compensation Injury Helpline

Getting independent advice is important to find out where you stand and point you in the right direction. You may obtain free information regarding your rights, forms and you may be connected to a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Canberra for free legal advice if required.

5. Engage lawyers injury

You may or may not require the services of car accident injury lawyers Canberra. Talk to an injury helpline first. If you do require Workers Compensation lawyers Canberra, they will prepare, fight and negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.

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