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How to Send Pictures From a Cell Phone to a MySpace Profile

    Get a Unique MySpace Mobile Email Address

    • 1). Log into your MySpace account and select "My Account" from the upper navigation bar.

    • 2). Select "Mobile" from the upper menu.

    • 3). Look for the mobile email address provided under "Send Photos From Your Phone." This address is where you will email your cell phone pics as MMS messages. To change your address, click on the "Change Upload Email" button then select "Save Changes" after you're done

    Upload Pics From Your Phone

    • 1). Add the MySpace mobile email address to your phone's contacts by navigating to "Contacts" then selecting "Add Contact."

    • 2). Select your mobile picture. Navigate to the picture that you want to upload to MySpace on your phone.

    • 3). Create an MMS picture message. Select the option to email this picture on your cell phone then choose your MySpace mobile email address from your contacts as the recipient of the message.

    • 4). Send your message to MySpace by pressing the "Send" option on your phone. Your picture will now be uploaded to your My Mobile Photos album which can be found by clicking on "My Photos" from the "Profile" menu.

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