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Self-Coaching for Life Coaches – How Coaching Assessment Tools Help You be a Better Coach

Life coaches who leverage powerful coaching assessment tools can benefit in many ways. There are a number of tools designed to help people who don't have a life coach with self coaching but there are not a lot of tools available to help life coaches with their own assessments. The right tool can help you:
  • Analyse
  • Organise
  • Grow as a professional
  • Better serve your clients


By having a central location that helps you assess progress, you can analyse what's happening with you and your clients and therefore analyse your own abilities too. Assessment tools can take the overall information you put in and break that information down into digestible and actionable pieces.  It can be amazing to see how a big picture can be analysed into action. Technology can take a lot of information and make things clearer.


Whether you manage a small client base or you are a busy coach with a growing workload, it can be difficult to juggle and balance many different clients. Coaching assessment tools can help you manage your workload so that you can swiftly and confidently move forward with helping your clients meet their goals. Whilst your own intervention, expertise, and insight is essential, technology can help you organise, plan, and assess results on an ongoing basis.

Grow as a Professional

Holding professional coaching certification does not mean the end of the learning. The relationship between a life coach and the person being coached can be very symbiotic. With every person you work with, you'll have an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and abilities as a coach. The cumulative effect will help you embrace each new challenge in your professional and possibly your own personal life.

With the right tools and ongoing professional mindset, beyond being equipped to help someone reach their goals, you'll also be able to continually build your own skills and efficacy as a coach. Assessment tools help you operate with continuous improvement principles. By continually moving forward you can help others do the same. Over time, you'll experience an improvement in your abilities --- whether you've been doing this for five minutes or for five years or more. 

Better Serve Your Clients

Assessing how things are going with your individual clients can help you pragmatically move forward so that you can help people help themselves. Doing this manually is possible but not as easy as using tools that are specifically designed to help you continually measure your skills as a coach and your individual clients' progress with you.

Technology can be a great tool for helping coaches help their clients. Choosing the right tool won't be an expense. It will result in your investing in the success of your clients and your business and it can pay for itself quickly.

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