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English Learning Games for Children

    • Kids learning English benefit from lots of games and fun activitieskids image by Marzanna Syncerz from

      Teaching English to kids is no easy task, but playing games is one reliable way to capture their attention and create an entertaining learning environment. Games can be used to teach nearly every aspect of the English language, including vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. These days there are dozens of excellent online resources in which teachers share their unique game ideas, and you can easily create your own English learning games with a little imagination.

    Weird Faces

    • This game is designed to teach children vocabulary related to the parts of the face and is also useful for practicing colors and other descriptive vocabulary. The game is simple and only requires paper and crayons. Begin by passing out a piece of paper to the students and instruct them to draw a large oval in the center of the page. Next instruct the students to draw the best nose they can in the center of the oval using whatever color they want. When they are finished with this, have the students pass their paper to the left and, on the new paper in front of them, tell them to draw a mouth and pass again. Next they'll draw eyes, ears, hair, etc. until all of the faces are complete. Each face will be totally unique, and you can use these wacky faces to practice vocabulary ("what color eyes does this face have?" "what kind of hair does this face have?"). Many children find this game very amusing, and they´ll enjoy the creative aspect so much that they may forget they are learning!

    Preposition Monkey

    • This game is intended for younger children learning the basic prepositions such as under, on, in and behind. You don't need any materials for this game, only some willing students. First, clear the room by moving all furniture to the side and divide the class into two teams. Each team chooses one student to be a "monkey;" the student can change after a few rounds. When they are ready, start giving Simon Says-style orders using prepositions, for example "everybody under their monkey!" The kids race to the floor so that they are crouching at their monkey's feet, and the first team to do this successfully wins a point. Continue doing this, changing the preposition each time. Make sure these are prepositions with which the students are familiar. Avoid the preposition "on top of" or you might wind up with some injured students.

    ABC Bingo

    • This game is great for children at the most basic level of English acquisition, who are still learning the letters of the alphabet. You'll need to prepare bingo-style game boards with each space a letter of the alphabet. Fill a hat or fishbowl with pieces of paper that have each letter of the alphabet written on them. You'll also need tokens to place in the spaces such as coins or small colored pieces of paper. To play, pick letters out of the hat and call them out one by one. Students cover up the spaces when one of the letters on their board is called, just like in bingo. The winner is the first player to form a complete row. You can use bingo to teach lots of other English lessons as well.

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