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Craft Ideas for Hanging Door Decorations


    • Wreaths aren't just for Christmas

      Wreaths are usually associated with Christmas door decoration, but you can use wreaths all year to decorate a door. Make a wreath with crayons to hang on the door to a child's room, and a dried flower wreath will look great on your front door during the summer. You can even create a wreath of silk leaves to welcome fall.

    Name Painting

    • A name painting is the perfect touch for a child's bedroom door

      The door to a child's room or even the door to your bedroom could benefit from a custom name painting. You can purchase any size canvas that you want, use any colors that you want and draw design inspirations from your bedding or any other setting. Hang the paintings with an over-the-door hook or a simple nail.


    • Bouquets look great hanging on doors

      You put bouquets of flowers in vases all around your house, so why not put them in a hanging vase on your front door. If you don't feel like keeping up with live flowers, just purchase some real-looking fake flowers from your local craft store and use them in a bouquet instead. You can even add non-floral elements to your bouquet such as ribbon, beads and twigs.

    Felt Banner

    • A felt banner is easy to make and inexpensive. You can make one for every season, holiday and door in your house. You just need some ribbon, a wooden dowel, felt and a hot glue gun. Can cut a long strip of felt to be the background to the banner. Fold it over the wooden dowel at the top and glue it in place. Cut out whatever shapes and letters you want for your banner, using different color felt and hot glue it to the background. Tie a length of ribbon to either end of the wooden dowel so that you can hang your banner.

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