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What Type of Jobs Can You Get With an A&P License?

    License details

    • The FAA requires a mechanic to have an A&P license to perform maintenance and repairs on all aircraft. A mechanic who works on aircraft without the proper license must be supervised by someone who holds an A&P license.

    Federal employment

    • Federal employment might include repairing and maintaining airplanes for branches of the military such as the Air Force. It might also include working for the Federal Aviation Administration in its Aircraft Maintenance division, either as a mechanic or an administrator.

    Commercial airline employment

    • Most commercial airlines hire aviation maintenance mechanics to work on aircraft, aircraft components or avionics systems. Generally an A&P license is required for these positions.

    Government contractors

    • There are a number of private companies that are contracted by the U.S. government to build aircraft and electronics. Each of these contractors hires mechanics with an A&P license to build or supervise the building of machinery.

    Private employment

    • People who own private jets may sometimes contract a mechanic to perform routine maintenance or necessary repairs. This type of employment often includes working for several people at once.

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