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Marketing Managers Now See Mobile Marketing As More Productive Than Email

- Mobile seen as best for speed of set-up, delivering an effective ROI and triggering customer visits
- 68% plan to increase mobile marketing spend
- Social media vies for attention but not seen as delivering effective ROI yet
- Offer messages have overtaken information messages
- Top profit traps identified in new ZinMobi Index

Dublin - 16 September, 2014 - Mobile marketing is now seen as delivering a more effective return on investment than email according to new independent research published today by ZinMobi. The research, based on responses from marketing managers from Ireland's leading retail, restaurant and fast food brands, had mobile marketing as the #1 option when it comes to being fastest to set up and deploy a campaign (84%); #1 for delivering an effective return on investment (61%) and #1 for the speed at which customers visit after a campaign is launched (61%). The research also shows that seven out of 10 (68%) marketing managers plan to invest more in mobile marketing in the next 12 months.

-A move from information to action-
The results indicate that brands are increasingly using mobile marketing to drive revenue and build a loyal customer base rather than just send messages. Twice as many brands now send offer messages and/or coupons than simple information messages. One in eight brands are now using mobile to attract back lapsed customers and one in 11 to reward loyalty.

-Popularity of traditional marketing channels is decreasing-
Brand managers see the influence and effectiveness of traditional channels like billboards, radio, TV, print advertising and direct mail as on the wane, with these frequently in the lowest scoring three or four techniques.

Social media, on the other hand, was #2 for speed of deployment and speed of visits but only #3 for delivering an effective ROI. Email marketing remains a strong favourite, achieving the #2 position for delivering an effective return on investment (58%).
-Most brands are going mobile-
Although 26% of brands currently don't use mobile marketing, only 10% expect not to do so in the next 12 months. Furthermore, 68% of brands expect to increase their spend and none expect to reduce it.

Brian Stephenson, CEO at ZinMobi, said: "What excites me about these results is the way that brands have recognised mobile as the instant marketing channel with campaigns quicker to deploy and delivering instant results. Smart marketing managers can now drive instant footfall and sales literally at the touch of a button."

-Research identifies the ZinMobi Index of profit traps to be avoided-

The research has also prompted the ZinMobi Index - a list of the marketing actions marketing managers see as the biggest waste of money. The top four traps to be avoided are:

- Failing to track and measure the outcome of every campaign (26%)
- Sending untargeted marketing messages (24%)
- Mistiming offers and promotions (18%)
- Not targeting offers by transaction history (15%).

Unsurprisingly, based on this feedback, marketing managers see their priorities for the next 12 months as:

- Improving targeting and conversion rates (18%)
- Ensuring offers are sent to the right people at the right time (18%)
- Increasing customer loyalty (12%)
- Ensuring all campaigns and messages are brand consistent (12%)
- Increasing the speed and flexibility of running campaigns (11%)
- Being data protection compliant (11%).

Brian Stephenson concluded: "The research shows that brands recognise that trackability, targeting and compliance are vital to success. We believe that every business knows enough about its consumers from their transaction history, and other information they can be encouraged to share, to deliver highly targeted and trackable campaigns. With consumers adopting mobile as their platform of choice, brands who do not embrace smart mobile marketing will be left behind."

The full report is available for download via this link "Mobile Marketing: An Inside View from or Marketing Managers" or for more information visit the official ZinMobi website at

-ZinMobi to deliver Keynote at the Retail Conference in London on September 17th-
ZinMobi will be attending the Retail Conference 2014 in London on September 17th, where Louis Grenier, Head of Innovation at ZinMobi, will share how retailers can transform daily customer data into valuable insights to help improve customer retention, customer lifetime value and to increase sales.

During his keynote, Louis will show how retailers can drive profitable growth by focusing on their current customers, without the need for Big Data analytics, by providing a step-by-step guide to get the most out of each customer:

- The 3 customer metrics you should be tracking today
- How to use those customer metrics in conjunction with other insights
- How to build an automated sales machine from those insights

Keynote | ZinMobi
17 September 2014 | 12:40
"How to drive sales growth without a single new customer and little budget?" by Louis Grenier, Head of Innovation, ZinMobi


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