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Coveted Short IPAF Training Courses

IPAF offers many training courses to benefit the industries in the world. Such training is necessary to ensure the right application of tools and techniques in handling a job especially where it refers to work at heights environment.

Various relevant categories of training are available from IPAF which is a leading training accreditation center. It offers courses in Static Vertical and Static Boom as well as PAV or Push around Vertical Training besides the use of harness and MEWPS


IPAF training courses are popular as they conform to the ISO 18878:2004 international standard. These courses are conducted by skilled and trained facilitators who have the relevant industry experience and IPAF accreditation.
These courses were generated in conjunction with the input from relevant industries that require the rightly trained professionals for higher work productivity.

Course syllabus

IPAF training courses would cover the various materials befitting the industry needs. There is the MEWPS operator certificate which is useful to those handling elevated mounts and platforms. Machineries are more elaborate today with the progressive technology; hence, operators of such machineries must be well versed with their functions, capabilities and dangers.

Candidates would learn how to identify the various mobile elevating work tools, equipment and platforms used. They would be taught to understand the statutory regulations and safe working procedures. Up-to-date and relevant information as well as instructions would be given to the learners on the safe use of MEWPS.

Although the course may only be one day long, there would be practical sessions with the theory. There would be sufficient machines for the candidates to identify the parts and functions so that they would be familiar with these machines at their work site later on. Candidates would be taught to inspect the mobile elevating platforms before commencing work to ensure safety and good functionality of the machinery. They would be taught how to operate these machines and tools safely while adhering to the health and safety regulations imposed on MEWPS and work at height environments.


Although it is a short course, candidates gain a lot of benefits from this IPAF course training. The experienced and skilled facilitators are present to guide the candidates on the actual use of the machineries and tools safely; they are available to enlighten candidates on doubts, queries and suggestions which would improve the candidates' performance at the work site.

Successful candidates would receive the coveted IPAF identification card and certification which allows them to operate MEWPS in work at heights environments.

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