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Being True To Yourself- And Others

My first article of two thousand and seven addresses the responsibility to self and others to be true, honest and right.

Money. It makes the world go 'round. It's thrown around like water, most often for the benefit of the thrower. However, don't dare say that to the person; they'll likely take quick and hostile issue. Why? Because the truth hurts and they can't handle their own truths.

The world of politics is where we see this quite often. Politicians spend millions for a single campaign, making empty promises, nasty threats against their opponents all the while trying hard to hide their true colors when those colors are actually displayed vividly on their own personal canvas of lies and lack of values.

I've always wondered why people try so hard to hide who they really are when who they really are is often a less than honorable and/or desirable person. If they wish so much to be the kind of person they try so hard to portray themselves to be, then why not simply be that person?

Granted, humans are not without faults. Faults we have quite few of. But, unlike any other species in the world, we have the power to change ourselves. It simply takes the desire to be a better person and some hard work- hard work that most are not willing to undertake.

It takes much less energy to be a good and honorable person than it takes to be a cheating, lying and deceitful person. So why do so many choose to to live the latter life? Is it laziness? Selfishness?

Personally, I feel much better when I'm honest, both with myself and others. I feel better physically, emotionally and I don't have to take the time to remember what I said. As long as I speak the truth, I'll never have to worry.

I don't take part in politics because, quite frankly, the actions I see in politics are beneath me. What makes me better than them? I'm not. I'm not better than anyone, I'm just a better person, and I choose not to involve myself with their less than truthful ways.

Search your heart and decide what it is- if you are not being honest with yourself, that is- decide what it is that compels you to live that kind of life. What do you gain? Money? Money can be earned honestly. Fame? That, too, can be earned honestly. The truth is, anything can be earned honestly. It's a lot less work, and you will be more valued and respected in the long run.

What's in your heart?

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