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Modern Window Styles

    • Modern windows are functional and stylish.windows image by pearlguy from Fotolia.com

      Windows shed light on interior spaces and bring the outside indoors, but windows as an architectural element have a long history. It was not until the 16th century that windows utilized glass as a protection from the elements. Even then, glazed glass was expensive and often unaffordable by anyone but the most wealthy. Today, all buildings, big and small, utilize glass windows for utility more than style, but windows continue to be a versatile architectural element.

    Arched Windows

    • Reminiscent of both classical Greek architecture and the 16th century architectural genius of Andrea Palladio, arched windows are a popular element in modern homes. These windows are tall, with round tops meant to let light into interior spaces. While the rectangular part of the window is often covered with window treatments, the arch is left unclad. This window style is available in homes in every region of the United States and around the world.

    Bay Windows

    • Bay windows are a modern window style with Victorian era roots and sensibilities. These windows are three sided windows that protrude out from the house with two small windows on either side of a large central window. This style creates additional seating and is attractive in any home. Bay windows should not be confused with an Oriel window. Bay windows are first floor windows, while oriel windows are bay-type windows on the upper story of a building, where they protrude and are supported by corbels.

    Bow Windows

    • Like bay windows, bow windows are windows that extend from the home. This window style uses tall, narrow window panes to create a delicate arching window. While bay windows have a box-like shape, the bow window is semi-circular. The circular shape of the bow window is determined by the architect designing the space, but bow windows can be anything from a gentle crescent shape, to a nearly complete circle.

    Garden Windows

    • The garden window, like the bow window, is a manifestation of the bay-type window. This window is smaller than the bay window and is often installed in kitchens. This window style protrudes from the home, but might be found in many shapes from the traditional bay window to a sloping, angular window and often garden windows have hinged panels that open on the sides.

    Box Sash Windows

    • The box sash window is the most frequently used window style today. This window is a manifestation of early 16th century window design, is extremely practical and user-friendly and fits any design style. Homes and commercial buildings alike take advantage of the easy square shape of the box sash window. The box sash window is comprised of two separate panes, which generally open vertically.

    Double-Hung Dormers

    • Dormer windows are windows that protrude from the roof and have their own roofing. Often found in cape cod and cottage-style homes, the dormer window is a modern manifestation of a classical window type seen as early as the 1700's in New England and revived in the 1900's. The double-hung dormer features windows in which the top and bottom each slide up and down.

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